Artificial Intelligence as a paradigm is getting extremely more and more pertinent. Different applications are being developed in Artificial Intelligence so as to enhance human activity endeavor and efficiency. It is indeed one of the hottest technological developments that have come up on the technology landscapes across the world. Most of the thinkers of the times are betting big way on how Artificial Intelligence will completely change the way humans interact, govern and do commerce.

Artificial Intelligence Law

Consequently to deal with all these emerging aspects, applications and utilizations as also uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is important to have in place appropriate enabling legal frameworks to govern Artificial Intelligence, that’s why, the newly emerging discipline of Artificial Intelligence law assumes significance.

Definition of Artificial Intelligence Law by Dr.Pavan Duggal

According to Pavan Duggal, internationally acclaimed authority and expert on Cyberlaw and Cybersecurity Law, “Artificial Intelligence Law is the emerging sub-discipline, within the Cyberlaw umbrella, dedicated to understanding, appreciating and analyzing the legal, policy and regulatory issues connected with or governing Artificial Intelligence ecosystem as a whole.”

Artificial Intelligence law is increasingly gaining traction. The advent of Artificial Intelligence is likely to come up with distinctive legal processes, issues and challenges which are expected to be covered within the ambit of Artificial Intelligence Law. These are very early days where not much work has been done.


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